Thor – 10,000 Ways Slot Machine

Thor, son of Odin, dons his father’s hammer and cloak to appear in Thor 10K Ways, one of ReelPlay’s 10K Ways slot games. Since Thor has already been featured in ReelPlay’s Thor Infinity Reels, it’s safe to assume that he’s a fan favorite. Thor 10K Ways has many aesthetic similarities to that game, so if you’ve played it before, you’ll feel right at home. When it comes to the gameplay side of things, if you’ve spun the reels on Shamrock Money Pot 10K Ways or any of the slots that have evolved from it, Thor 10K Ways will feel very familiar indeed.

Now let’s head to this really depressing location where we can play Thor 10K Ways. Swords pounded into the ground and helmets tossed aside suggest a combat of some kind took place here not too long ago. A banner flaps hopelessly in the wind while ash or snow falls from the sky, and all we can say is that we can only pray that the good guys won this battle. Surely if Thor were around brandishing Mjolnir, they would have.

Don’t assume that the presence of the big man ensures a profitable venture for all participants. After all, with a return to player percentage of only 96.08%, Thor 10K Ways is an extremely risky slot machine. A gaming grid with 6 reels carrying 4 symbols each and a 4 symbol horizontally rotating reel plopped on top creates the ten thousand chances to win promised by the name. For a change, there is no bonus purchase necessary; to play, players can choose any wager between 20 pence and £/€20 each spin.

The cascade mechanism causes winning symbols to flow off the reels as they appear. Symbols cascade down or slide to the side to fill the empty spaces, and the feature restarts whenever a new winning combination forms. The cascade option does not replace hammer symbols with new ones. When at least three identical symbols appear on three consecutive reels, beginning with the first reel, a reward is awarded. If the winning combination consists of the 9-A strong card royals, a payout of 0.5 to 1.2 times the wager is awarded; if the winning combination consists of 6 horns, shields, helmets, or axes, a payout of 2 to 50 times the wager is awarded. Thor himself appears on the wild symbol, which appears exclusively on the first reel. Thor’s wilds may replace any icon not using the Hammer, though.

Slot’s Thor 10K Ways to Win

Thor 10K Ways’ features are simple and limited to a Bonus Respins round and a Near Miss Bonus.

Free Spins Bonuses

The Bonus Respins feature is activated when 6 or more Hammer symbols are landed. Once inside, you’ll receive 3 free spins while all Hammer symbols are frozen in place. If a new Hammer sign appears during a respin, the current number of respins will be reset to 3. The round concludes when there are no more respins available or when all available spaces are occupied with Hammer symbols. Then, a prize equal to the sum of all Hammer symbols appears on the reels. The regular rewards range from 1x to 100x the wager per symbol, while the extra prizes range from 10x to 10,000x the wager for the Mini, Minor, Major, Grand, and 10K bonus symbols. During this mode, players have many chances to win the Mini and Minor additional prizes. The $10,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bonuses may only be won once per person. Hammer symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, including the first one, during the Bonus Respins bonus.

Bonus for Avoiding Disaster

The Near Miss Bonus is activated if precisely 5 Hammer symbols appear in view after the cascade explosions have concluded. Prizes or bonuses are given out with each Hammer icon. During this mode, players have many chances to win the Mini and Minor additional prizes. The $10,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bonuses may only be won once per person. Whether you’re playing the basic game or the Near Miss Bonus, the only place Hammer symbols may appear is on the main reels as they spin vertically.

Conclusion of the Thor 10,000 Ways Slot Game

Thor 10K Ways is quite similar to its predecessor, Thor Infinity Reels, and as a result, the two games have much of the same strengths and weaknesses. Thor 10K Ways has a cool aesthetic, creates an interesting setting, and is just plain enjoyable to put one’s mind in for a while. The data is reliable, and there is nothing seriously off-putting about this. The popularity of slots themed after Norse mythology suggests there are a sizable number of players who share this interest.

Even though Thor 10K Ways has plenty of stuff that range from satisfactory to excellent, it lacks anything truly remarkable. It’s also worth noting that there isn’t much here that can’t be found in other ReelPlay products like Shamrock Money Pot 10K Ways, Festival 10K Ways, or Fu 10K Ways. Players that land 5 Hammer symbols and win will be especially grateful for the Near Miss Bonus, which is triggered by this combination. Even more so now that the possibility of winning the coveted $10,000 additional reward exists inside it. The Grand Hotel would be just as grand. Aside from this change, all else continues as before. The main feature of Thor 10K Ways is a standard hold and win round that entails landing Hammers and, uh, that’s about it. Just try to get the winning combination of symbols without any restrictions.

Nothing wrong with the setup of Thor 10K Ways, but nothing special about it either, as referred to. It’s pretty to look at and fun to play, but something was ultimately lacking. Money Mariachi Infinity Reels is a great example of ReelPlay’s ability to creatively implement unique extra features. As a result, while being a terrific slot machine, Thor 10K Ways feels like an even larger squandered opportunity.

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